Agreement Termination Notice!

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June 18, 2019
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June 25, 2019

Agreement Termination Notice!

Dear Valued Clients,

We would like to inform you that today, the 19th of June 2019, we issue this termination notice, as per the below paragraph included in the Agreement enforced between us, available under the Terms and Condition document published on our website.



Unless required by Applicable Regulations, either party may terminate this Agreement (and the relationship between us) by giving ten (10) days written notice of termination to the other. We may terminate this Agreement immediately if you fail to observe or perform any provision of this Agreement or in the event of your insolvency.

Upon terminating this Agreement:

all amounts payable by you to us will become immediately due and payable including (but without limitation):
all outstanding fees, charges and commissions;
any dealing expenses incurred by terminating this Agreement; and
any losses and expenses realised in closing out any Transactions or settling or concluding outstanding obligations incurred by us on your behalf.
The Company shall apply best execution rules in cases where you have not provided the Company with specific instructions regarding the closing of your positions.
The Company shall return any funds remaining in your trading account to your bank account, specifically the account from which the funds were debited. Your funds may be returned to another bank account to which you are the beneficiary as long as you provide us with the required documents to verify that the account belongs to you.

Existing rights
Termination shall not affect then outstanding rights and obligations and Transactions which shall continue to be governed by this Agreement and the particular clauses agreed between us in relation to such Transactions until all obligations have been fully performed.”


Therefor, we would like to inform you that starting the 29th of June 2019 the Agreement between us will be considered as terminated. This does not apply if your Agreement was previously terminated, in such a case your particular termination date would prevail.

In case that you keep a positive balance with our Company, we invite you to provide us with the necessary Withdrawal Request details so we can proceed with the transfer of the remaining balance to your bank account. In such a case, please login to your customer account via our website and apply for a withdrawal of funds, or please contact us at

We remain open to any other clarifications you might require!

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